Armeniaphobia in Azerbaijan

Armeniaphobia in Azerbaijan

Found very good book by two excellent authors

Armine Adibekyan


Anzhela Elibegova


Opening Remarks

Chapter 1. What is important to know about xenophobia?

Chapter 2. The historical axis

Chapter 3. Armenians in Baku

Chapter 4. Ban on Armenian names

Chapter 5. Entry ban to Azerbaijan

Chapter 6. Ban on positive attitude to Armenians

Chapter 7. Armenian origin of non-conformists

Chapter 8. Armenophobia in official statements

Chapter 9. Armenophobia in the mass media

Chapter 10. Dehumanization and demonization of Armenians

Chapter 11. Anti-Armenian paranoia

Chapter 12. Ramil Safarov vs. Akram Aylisli: avatars of good and evil

Chapter 13. Exporting armenophobia

Chapter 14. Destruction of the cultural and historic Armenian heritage

Chapter 15. Mythologization of «genocides»

Chapter 16. Women’s role in shaping armenophobia

Chapter 17.

Chapter 18. Armenophobia in textbooks

Chapter 19. Armenophobia in the Azerbaijani literature

Final remarks