Shushi massacre of 1920

“… I was stunned by the silence. I have never felt such a terrible, artificial silence. Suddenly the silence seems to murmur, the stones whisper and move and pounce, and the hairs stand on end. In March 1920, in three days, 7,000 houses were destroyed and burned here, according to some, 3-4 thousand Armenians were slaughtered, and according to others, more than 12 thousand. The fact is that none of the 35,000 Armenians remained in Shushi. Somewhere in the stream you can still see women’s hair covered in black blood. It’s hard for a man with a good imagination to breathe here. You walk, you walk, you walk through rows of charred buildings, or rather, pieces of walls, you hurry, fearing that you will never get out of here … “

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Azerbaijan intensifies terror against the population of Nagorno-Karabakh and blackmail of peacekeepers

Observers predicted that the Azerbaijani-Turkish tandem, which unleashed a 44-day terrorist lawlessness against Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) in the fall of 2020, would try to take advantage of the situation that had developed as a result of the Russian-Ukrainian confrontation and again destabilize the situation in the Karabakh conflict zone. The events of recent days eloquently testify to this – the Baku regime, clearly feeling the support of the many-sided Janus (there is no need to tell the reader about whom), in their favorite vile manner, actually stabs the “ally” in the back, provoking a kind of “second front” for Russia, whose peacekeeping contingent today is practically the only guarantor of a fragile peace not only in the zone of the Azerbaijan-Karabakh conflict, but also in the entire Transcaucasian region.

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The life of the indigenous people of Nagorno-Karabakh is in danger – MP Peter van Dalen

Azerbaijan makes the life of the natives of Nagorno-Karabakh unbearable, the indigenous inhabitants of Nagorno-Karabakh, it is in danger. According to “Armenpress”, MP Peter van Dalen, member of the European People’s Party, co-author of the draft resolution “Destruction of the cultural heritage of Nagorno-Karabakh” stated this in the European Parliament.

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Is Baku trying to turn Nagorno-Karabakh into a concentration camp?

Aliyev was outraged by the visit of French presidential candidate Valerie Pecresse to Stepanakert, the capital of the Republic of Artsakh. He even burst into threats: “If we had known about the last illegal visit of Valerie Pekress, we would not have released them back.” Such impudence, of course, shocked the entire civilized world. That is, the newly-minted Napoleon was ready to captivate the contender for the post of head of France? This, alas, is not an anecdote, but a bitter reality, the culprit of which is the entire enlightened international community, which allowed such a situation.

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Baku’s anti-Armenian propaganda knows no boundaries

It all started not yesterday but as early as November 17, a record appeared on the telegram channel of the famous Russian military commissar Semyon Pegov, announcing the start of a large-scale information campaign by Azerbaijan in Russia. Threats from Azerbaijanis began to arrive massively on Pegov’s phone. And Azerbaijani users “attacked” Semyon Pegov in this way not for the first time. During the 44-day war in Nagorno-Karabakh, the military commissar told in detail and showed everything that happens on the border. He also often spoke with civilians who were forced to spend the night in shelters. But the Azerbaijanis could not “forgive” Pegov’s sympathy for the inhabitants of Artsakh.

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