Why do you need it?

They ask me: “Why do you need this?”. I answer – I will not be silent anymore.

My name is Konstantin Adamov, I am an ethnic Armenian born and raised in the Soviet Union in the Azerbaijani SSR in Baku. After the collapse of the USSR, I found myself in a new country with the same name – Azerbaijan. Unfortunately, the collapse of the union occurred simultaneously with the growing tensions in Karabakh. What happened next, everyone knows already.

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Ilham Aliyev: “Our oil belongs to …”

When you read such “laudatory” news, you really wonder if there are any normal people in Azerbaijan left?

  • Having existed for 25 years as an independent state, Azerbaijan today stands firmly on its feet, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said today in an interview with the people of oil industry during his familiarization with the condition after the reconstruction of the world’s first industrial well drilled at the Bibiheybat field of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan.

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