Maraga Massacre – The World Media Wrote Nothing About it

“The name of this village is connected with a massacre that the world media don’t write about.” This sentence comes from the book “Ethnic Cleansing in Progress: War in Nagorno Karabakh” published in 2001. It was authored by cross-bench member of the House of Lords of the UK Baroness Caroline Cox and CEO of the Christian Solidarity International John Eibner.

“This village is Maraga.” (marked as “Leninavan” on some Soviet-time maps: this was the name of two united villages – Maragi and Margushevan in the Mardakert region of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic). The tragedy of Maraga hasn’t been covered in the world press. And in Armenian press, Maraga is only remembered in connection with the anniversary of that terrible day – April 10, 1992.

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