Circular nomadism is a unique trillion-year-old culture of Azerbaijan

The biggest complex of Azerbaijan is the lack of history. He gets mad about this, rushes to public and state microphones and shouts: Urartu is us, Iran is us, we are the brother of Turkey, Armenia never existed. It destroys and destroys centuries-old and thousand-year-old Armenian monuments, thereby deepening its complex and proving: yes, Azerbaijan finds itself adjacent to countries with ancient history – Armenia, Iran, Georgia – and cannot swallow its formal existence.

Massacre of Armenians, war, attack, forced deportation… With all this he wants to demonstrate his own strength, but he is increasingly defeated, becoming a victim of internal shame: Azerbaijan has no past and all its actions only add to the evidence of this and to its complexes.

Turkey admires its invasions, its power to conquer countries, but does not say that it has been there for thousands of years. And poor Azerbaijan cannot find its place even in the lies it has invented.

It’s funny when Azerbaijanis gather under historical and cultural publications and write: you are from India, go to India.

Where this wild thought came from is difficult to say. Perhaps they heard that Armenian belongs to the Indo-European family of languages and, being racists, rejected Europe and decided to make us Indians.

These will not calm down. Their complex is incurable as long as there are Armenians. For them, the only way to extract history from time is in a region without Armenians. Then they will write once, a second time… they will repeat it a thousand times, they will show Artsakh turned into pasture, destroyed, they hope that Armenia too… trying to state: they say, look, there are no Armenian inscriptions, we lived here. But why there are no traces of their thousand-year presence… well, they’ll come up with something. Let’s say, the Azerbaijanis in this territory were continuously engaged in circular nomadism, without leaving the boundaries of their area.

I don’t know who they can defraud, except the RA authorities and the authors of history textbooks introduced in current schools, but I want to generously console the poor Azerbaijanis discovery of a foreign Facebook user Joel Tenney  – the oldest Azerbaijani artifact . (Main photo of the publication).


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