I’m not me and my name is fake?

Accidentally stumbled upon one news on the site miq.az, where they wrote about my post. Who benefits from Armenophobia in Azerbaijan? The news in the Azerbaijani language and I could hardly understand the content as my level of Azerbaijani language at the level of “go to the store.” But through Google translator I nevertheless read the news, although machine translation does not help much.

So the site claims that Konstantin Adamov is not my name, and I chose this name only because in Azerbaijan there was such an actor Konstantin Adamov.

And I want to refute this slander …

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Blog is available for everyone!

And finally my blog is available for everyone! I do not need to hide myself anymore and live like in shell, fencing myself off the world. I won’t like to people near me about my true nationality. Yes, I was living in Baku for about half of my life, but almost no one new about my Armenian ethnicity. I do not give a crap about that few amount of friends who will abandon me as soon as they realise that I am Armenian. I breathe freely, I write freely and this is the most important for me!