I’m not me and my name is fake?

Accidentally stumbled upon one news on the site miq.az, where they wrote about my post. Who benefits from Armenophobia in Azerbaijan? The news in the Azerbaijani language and I could hardly understand the content as my level of Azerbaijani language at the level of “go to the store.” But through Google translator I nevertheless read the news, although machine translation does not help much.

So the site claims that Konstantin Adamov is not my name, and I chose this name only because in Azerbaijan there was such an actor Konstantin Adamov.

And I want to refute this slander …

My real name is Adamov Konstantin Borisovich. The coincidence with the actor was purely accidental and I did not change my name to be like him. I was born with this name and yes, I was born and lived in Baku, like the actor Adamov.

I would be glad to have a related relationship with such actor as Konstantin Adamov, but I have no such connection and therefore this is for the Azerbaijani press. Konstantin Adamov is my real name! If you need proof, I can reveal a photo from my passport 🙂

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