Pakistan has put into combat readiness the 100,000-strong army for Karabakh

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan, considering the tense situation between Azerbaijan and Armenia, has brought into combat readiness 100 thousand troops.

This was reported by the Ministry of Defense of Pakistan, BAKU.WS reports with reference to foreign media. On the day when Azerbaijan officially announces the beginning of the war for the liberation of its occupied territories, the troops will be sent to Karabakh.

Note that in connection with Armenia’s aggression against Azerbaijan, Pakistan does not recognize this country as an independent state.

Extra proof of the idiocy of the Azerbaijani side. Do you think that Pakistan will die for you in a place not known to them under the name of Karabakh? Simply because they want it? Azerbaijan does not have strong army, soldiers are weak and it will be a disaster for official Baku to start a war because it will end up very badly for Azerbaijan.

And I also want to point to the fact that Azerbaijan again confirming their intentions to start the war and to seize Karabagh, which was not a Azeri land.

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