Armenian woman & 5-year-old son attacked in car in Philadelphia.

On Friday, July 24th at around 9:30 AM, a 34-year-old Armenian woman and her 5-year-old son were stopped at a red light on the intersection of Red Lion Road & Jamison Avenue in Northeast Philadelphia when she was assaulted by 2 Turkish speaking males.

One man was vandalizing the car ripping Armenian symbols / flags off of her tag plates, while the other man was beating on the driver’s side door window  and verbally-threatening and harassing her with discriminatory slurs, shouting at the other man to “remember this car.”  She was fortunately able to safely drive off with moving traffic.

The suspects are described as 2 bearded males, one bald. They were remembered to have been driving a white sedan with tinted windows, (most likely a Lexus or car of similar build). While further action and evidence/footage is pending, the woman targeted asks of any possible witnesses, or those with knowledge of the suspects to this hate crime, to please contact Philadelphia Police Department with any information.

The victim has asked to keep her identity/identifying photos of damage on her vehicle private and private for her family’s security.


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