Speech by the President of Azerbaijan on the eve of the “era of peace”: In each paragraph “Armenians are enemies”

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, on the anniversary of the cessation of hostilities of the 44-day aggression against Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenia, broke out with another militaristic protest.

The speech, as expected, was made in the occupied Armenian Shushi, where the Azerbaijani president arrived accompanied by his wife Mehriban, dressed in camouflage.

The essence of the speech, which was carefully listened to by a couple of dozen servicemen, boiled down to praising themselves personally, the Azerbaijani army, again themselves, again themselves and again themselves. Particular attention is paid to the rhetoric of the Azerbaijani president, which has not changed at all in the context of the proposal of the “3 + 3” formula confirmed by Baku. Literally in every paragraph of the speech of the Azerbaijani leader, there are references to the “enemies of Armenians” – “Ermeni Dushman”.

Ilham Aliyev even confirmed that it was Azerbaijan that unleashed the aggression against Nagorno-Karabakh: “When I was first elected to the presidency in 2003, in my address to the Azerbaijani people, I said that we would return our historical lands at any cost. Be it peaceful or military. And so it happened. Years of peace talks have yielded no results. On the contrary, the enemy became even more insolent. If in the first years of the occupation the Azerbaijani people and I still had some hopes related to the negotiation process, recently these hopes have completely disappeared. ”

Thus, the leadership of Azerbaijan continues the policy of Armenophobia and inculcation of hatred towards Armenians. It should be reminded that, according to the report of the Armenian Ombudsman’s Office, it is the wording of the President and the highest officials of the Azerbaijan Republic that the Azerbaijani military uses in the video recordings of the killings and torture of captured Armenians.

Source news.am

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