“Voice of Armenia”: New provocation – old patterns

“Voice of Armenia” newspaper writes: “Yesterday the Armenian side suffered new losses at the border: three killed servicemen, two more were wounded. Traditional Azeri policy of blackmail before important meetings. Previously, such provocations were every time when the next round of talks was expected under the auspices of the Minsk Group co-chairs. Now it happened on the eve of the Armenian-Turkish talks in Moscow

From now on, such provocations both in Artsakh and in Armenia will be arranged not only before the Armenian-Azerbaijani negotiations, but also before the Armenian-Turkish ones. Another confirmation of the fact that the surrender of the greater part of Artsakh, Armenia’s security problems only multiplied.

Indeed: how can Aliyev not support Ankara, if it intends to make Azerbaijani-Turkish corridor through Armenia in Moscow. That is why not only artillery was involved, but also “Bayraktars”. Observers say this is the first combat use of UAV data since the end of the active phase of hostilities in the fall of 2020.

But our main problem is not Bayraktars. It is different: how to push Pashinyan into understanding that his main task is not plastic bags, but ensuring the security of Armenia and its citizens. How he will solve this problem is his resposibility, that is why he is the power. And if he can’t cope with this problem in any way, let him go to hell with his entire backpack team. After all, it is clear that pulling means only aggravating problems, increasing losses, and the guilt of one’s own and one’s team. Hope that over time everything will be forgotten is silly – not the case.

The Bayraktar attacks on Armenian border positions and the killing of three 19-20-year-old servicemen are not just another blackmail on the eve of the Moscow talks. This is also a Turkish-Azerbaijani message to Pashinyan, so that he does not count on help from the CSTO after the Kazakhstani events. Pashinyan, the Organization will not help you!

An important question: will Nikol officially apply to the CSTO now, especially since, you know, he presides over there and has recently been barging to the whole world about how he quickly makes decisions on Kazakhstan? After all, Article 4 of the Collective Security Treaty states that in the event that “if one of the participating states is subjected to aggression (an armed attack threatening security, stability, territorial integrity and sovereignty) from any state or group of states, then this will be considered states-participants as aggression against all states-participants of this Treaty ”. And paragraph 2 of the same article says that in case of a request from a member state, the organization provides assistance immediately, including military assistance.

If Pashinyan again does not respond to the official request of the CSTO chairman of the CSTO, maybe he will at least ask to return his contingent sent to Kazakhstan, the professionalism of which the conscripts who guard the border from the Bayraktar are so needed? Or maybe the new minister Papikyan will venture to purchase modern weapons capable of withstanding the drones of Israel and Turkey?

Alas, the most likely scenario looks different: Pashinyan’s team, and most likely himself, will soon arrange some regular internal political scandal, another show, so that the murder of three servicemen at the border quickly faded into the background in the news reports and comments of politicians and experts.

All this predictable and tragic gimmick will continue until a tough rebuff from Yerevan follows. This is definitely possible. But on condition that the authorities are not cowards, who are only interested in their own power and the preservation of the privileges granted by this power, but people for whom the security of the state and the people is the main task. “

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