Azerbaijan, taking the opportunity, increases pressure on Artsakh

The Azerbaijani side, taking the opportunity, is increasing pressure on Artsakh, trying to finally resolve the Artsakh issue. Military expert Mher Hakobyan stated this in an interview with Armenian

“Something is happening that some of our pro-Westerners did not want to see. Russia’s failure is directly proportional to the escalation of tensions here. The more Russia fails on this front, the more Azerbaijanis in Khramort or other villages become more active. In the event of a complete failure of Russia, the resumption of hostilities in Artsakh is possible. This is a simple truth that people don’t want to see,” he said.

According to the expert, the signing of an allied agreement between Russia and Azerbaijan does not change anything in the region: by doing this, Russia simply wanted to contain Azerbaijan.

“We can say that Russian troops are being shelled in Artsakh, that is, we can say that Azerbaijan and Russia are not allies, just like Azerbaijan and Turkey are not allies, they just cooperate. “Aliyev was summoned to Moscow and given something to sign in the hope that this would somehow restrain Aliyev, but it is already clear that he did not, and now we have what we have,” he said.

According to Mher Hakobyan, Azerbaijan will not limit itself to Artsakh and, if possible, will attack the borders of Armenia.

“It is impossible to open an era of peace with the Turks in this region, and it is appropriate to say that you cannot open an era of peace with the man who came to kill you. Now the Turk says: “Armenian, you have no right to exist,” and the Armenian authorities say: “Let’s live in peace.” The Turk does not want to fight with us, he wants to destroy us. This is a very dangerous populism that most people do not understand and live in peace,” he said.

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