Cattle thieves, gas thieves, terrorists, provocateurs and just hypocrites. Modern Azerbaijan

Here is an incomplete collective portrait of the military-political leadership of today’s Azerbaijan. And every day new strokes appear on this portrait, emphasizing the unsightly face of the Baku regime.

Cattle stealing, the pathological craving for which even the all-powerful time could not kill the former nomads, is now carried out by the authorities of artificial state education in parallel with a more “civilized” type of theft – gas theft. Yes, the Baku regime stole natural gas from the civilian population of Artsakh. In other words, on these unprecedentedly cold days for March, about 120,000 citizens of Artsakh, including more than 30,000 children, were left without such an important type of fuel. The terrorist regime in Baku deprived Karabakh children, women and the elderly of heat – hot water and heating, deliberately cutting off the gas supply from Armenia to Artsakh. And this has been going on for the third week already.

Realizing that the people of Artsakh cannot be broken by threats and provocations deliberately created by humanitarian problems, the Baku regime went on open aggression, trying to jump over the heads of the peacekeepers, but in fact, inflict a treacherous blow in the back of Russia, opening a kind of second front for it in Karabakh .

As you know, on March 24, the armed forces of Azerbaijan, grossly violating the ceasefire regime and the obligations assumed in accordance with the trilateral ceasefire statement of 2020, crossed the line of contact with the Republic of Artsakh and invaded the village of Parukh in the Askeran region. The enemy also resorted to provocation in the direction of the Khramort settlement in the same region. And on the night of March 25, the Azerbaijani military opened fire on the units of the Defense Army, using various-sized small arms and attack drones, including the infamous Bayraktar. As a result, three people were killed defenders of the motherland and 14 were injured of varying severity. Moreover,  according to  the wounded, some of them were deliberately fired upon from drones while they were trying to provide first aid to their wounded comrades.

Artsakh Ombudsman Gegham Stepanyan notes that such actions against military personnel under the ceasefire regime should be considered as war crimes and gross violations of international humanitarian law.

The above atrocities are a logical continuation, or rather, the development  of the terrorist campaign recently initiated by the Azerbaijani authorities, expressed in moral and psychological pressure on the civilian population, obstruction of agricultural work, shooting towards residential buildings and civilians of border settlements etc.

The immediate goal of these, without exaggeration, terrorist acts and crimes against humanity of the Baku regime is obvious – to force the people of Artsakh to leave their land, the centuries-old homeland of their ancestors, by creating a humanitarian crisis and a feeling of fear and hopelessness among the civilian population, not yet recovered from the Azerbaijani-Turkish 44-day lawlessness in the fall of 2020, carried out with the active participation of  international terrorist groups and radical mercenaries. And the final  The goal of the Azerbaijani-Turkish criminal tandem is to turn Transcaucasia into a springboard for the large-scale implementation of pan-Turkic programs. This is precisely what the small Christian Artsakh hinders with its existence, & nbsp; preventing the “great” black plans of Erdogan and his puppet from coming true.

That’s why, while flirting with Russia and  anti-Russian forces at the same time, speaking to an external audience about peace, delimiting the border with Armenia and opening communications, in fact  Baku’s many-sided Janus continues to inject the poison of Armenian hatred into the brains of his own compatriots with his vile nationalist slogans, setting & nbsp; them  on  extermination of Artsakh people and Armenians in general.

Meanwhile, the people of Artsakh continue to stand firmly on their land and do not intend to retreat before the meanness, deceit and blackmail of the enemy. The resilience of the people of Artsakh infuriates the Azerbaijani authorities. Baku hypocrites demand & nbsp; output  “Armenian troops” from Artsakh, while they themselves use Turkish “Bayraktars” against people, thereby unwittingly emphasizing the justification and necessity of the fact that in the conditions of systematic ethnic cleansing and genocidal actions carried out by the military-political leadership of Azerbaijan, the Defense Army Artsakh carries out self-defense enshrined in international documents to ensure the right to life and existence of the Artsakh people.

The height of the cynicism of the Baku patrons and organizers of these  crimes against humanity are statements like “this is an internal  affair of Azerbaijan”. So the word “Nazis” should be added to the title of our article, or more precisely, “fascists”.

But the position of a number of authoritative international structures causes surprise and indignation. For example, the UN representatives willingly participate   in the Sabbath organized by Aliyev in the occupied Shushi and are afraid to visit Stepanakert, located just a few kilometers away, to see, to feel in their own skin how the civilian population has been living without gas and basic household appliances for many days. conveniences, under the enemy’s barrel at his temple. What is it, complicity in a crime against humanity?  Or elementary cowardice?

The end of Artsakh and the small creative, hardworking people, forced to fight for centuries for their honor and dignity, for the primordial right to live in their native land, will mean the end of the entire civilized world and human justice in general. God will not forgive this to anyone!

Ashot Beglaryan, writer, publicist,


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