Musavat party member Aziz Mamiyev arrested for 30 days

Member of the board of the youth organization of the Musavat Party, Aziz Mamiyev, was detained on July 20 at a protest rally in Baku demanding the opening of the country’s land borders.

He was charged under the article “disobedience to the police” of the Code of Administrative Offenses and by the decision of the Sabail court he was arrested for 30 days.

In this regard, the Musavat Party issued a statement condemning the arrest of Mamiyev. According to the party, the activist  was detained when he was walking  for a peaceful action.

“Aziz Mamiyev did not commit any offenses. This can be seen from the words of eyewitnesses and photo-video frames from the action.  He was rudely detained. He was physically pressured by the police,” Musavat said in a statement.

The party demanded an end to the persecution of Mamiev and his immediate release.

The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs also confirmed the detention of Mamiev. The Ministry noted that on July 20, when representatives of law enforcement agencies suppressed an attempt by a group of people to hold an uncoordinated action, a resident of the Salyan region Mamiyev Aziz Iltifat oglu (born in 1993), who currently lives in Baku, disobeyed the lawful demands of police officers, resisted.

According to the head of the department of the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Zein Huseynov, A. Mamiev was detained, the materials collected against him were sent to court. By a court decision, he was arrested in an administrative order.

Recall that on July 20, a rally demanding the opening of the country’s land borders was dispersed in Baku.

On July 1 this year, the country’s authorities closed the land borders to Turkey and Iran. Also, since April 2020, land borders with Russia and Georgia remain closed.

“Our land borders are closed and should be closed. Why? So that people don’t get sick. Because most of all this disease spreads through land borders. Therefore, we keep our borders closed and we are doing the right thing. We will keep them closed for as long as necessary – we are talking about land borders,” Aliyev said like a true dictator!

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