Azerbaijani MP threatens with missile attack on Artsakh

Azerbaijani MP Rasim Musabekov threatens with a missile attack on Nagorno-Karabakh. He wrote about it on his Facebook page.

Declaring that the Armenians allegedly decided to test Baku’s determination regarding the exploitation of the mines of Artsakh, Musabekov wrote:

“If this signal (blocking the road – ed.) does not reach Vardanyan, Araik and others, then they should know that Baku can destroy the mine through a missile and bomb strike from the air. Cars with gold concentrate can be stopped on the highway and arrested.”

He also threatens to deprive the Armenians of Artsakh of electricity and gas, which the republic receives from Armenia through cables and pipelines that are under Azerbaijani control.

“It is hardly in their interest to bring the conflict to the point where Baku will be forced to use the strong tools at its disposal,” Musabekov threatens.

In March last year, Azerbaijan already cut off gas in Artsakh for a long period, leaving 120,000 residents of the republic without heat in conditions of unprecedented frosts for this time of year.

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