Akop do not want to go back to trench, Europe does not won’t him so azeri will feed armenian

There is a scribbler in Baku by the name Farid Teymurkhanli and looks like a kind of literate, normaly educated person. He works out the government’s money very well, pleasing the people with constant articles about bad Armenians.

Original text http://vesti.az/news/214664


Akop do not want to back to trench

  • While Armenian side, regardless of significant losses , which it incurred in early August, like a broken record, tells about unbelievable patriotic trend if “armenian soldier”, reality proofs the opposite. Inhabitants of border regions run in a panic even from the sound of children’s crackers, Among of “the strongest army in the world” fret is observed.

That scribbler loves to write how armenian soldiers are cowards. In all his articles sarcastic grin is seen, which he wear in the process of writing them, to please the president of his country.

Let’s go back to article

The Armenian soldier was captured and does not want to return to Armenia.

  • But the reality is this. as you know, August 8, 2013, unable to withstand the “patriotic pressure” of us, the Armenian soldier Hakob Injigulian voluntarily surrendered to us.


But the real truth is no one by its own free will, will surrender to azeri forces. Soldiers of Armenia known exactly how “friendly” azeri’s soldiers are!



  • On the night of August 8, 2013, during his service, private of Defense Army of the Nagorno Karabagh Republic, Injigulian, unable to get proper orientation on the terrain, crossed the Karabakh-Azerbaijan border and found himself in the territory controlled by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces. A few days later on the Azerbaijani resources there was a recording of the “interview” of Armenian serviceman Hakob Injigulyan to the Azerbaijani channel ANS, where he allegedly tells how he “switched to the Azerbaijani side”. Later, a second “interview” appeared, where an Armenian prisoner of war stated that he allegedly did not want to return to Armenia.

If Fariz muallim is right and Akop did not want to return, then why he actually did return (http://www.panarmenian.net/rus/news/183433/)? Means as usual, lies and juggling. And outright hatred towards Armenians, from the entire Azerbaijani press, is already touching the readers. At least, that part of readers who still have humanity but not the boiling anger and hatred in an empty brains.

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