An Armenian spy arrested in Baku?

In Baku, an Armenian was arrested only because he is an Armenian

I cannot call this a sensation. Just a statement of fact. While Azerbaijan insists that they arrested a person for possession and distribution of drugs, this is well known trick in Baku to arrest “bad” people and accuse them for selling drugs.

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  • On 9 June, Marat suddenly disappeared. On the same day, members of the Azerbaijani special services also arrested Elena, escorting her to the detention center of the Ministry of National Security. During the interrogations, Elena was required to testify that Marat was an Armenian spy. She, of course, refused. For this, she was kept in custody for two weeks. Having released Elena, she was told directly that 14 days of arrest were punishment for friendship with the Armenian. “You have to learn how to choose proper friends, and not be friends with people of Armenian origin,” the officer of the Azerbaijani special services told her .

Such behavior is usually for Baku and Azerbaijan as a whole. A constant “witch hunt”, the search for enemies both outside and inside the country. All these actions should raise the government’s rating in the eyes of the “harried” people.

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