Hate my is middle name

What can be more pleasant for an Azerbaijani? The death of an Armenian!

  • Every now and then, from the Azerbaijani lands occupied by the Armenians, we receive pleasant news. One armenian aggressor hangs, another shoots, sometimes a friend to hell, shooting each other.

Probably my favorite “author” of the Azerbaijani press is Fariz muellim, who writes “opuses” mainly for the newspaper Vesti.az.


Any kind of death to the occupant is good… especially for Armenians

With obvious pleasure, the “author” once again shows the vampirism of the Azerbaijani people.

  • Azerbaijani soldiers also try, from time to time, destroying voracious rats in their military uniform on their territory. The methods of extermination are very different, and even the wayward Fortune does everything to cleanse the planet of the Khai Fascists.

The records go one by one. Not understanding that exactly is such an attitude, a man of the press, reveals the essence of the country in which he lives. It is clear that in Baku now you pay more if Armenians are scolded in your article, otherwise the rating will be low. Why write about the terrible situation in your country, because there is a presidential decree on the promotion of hatred towards Armenians.

And after such attacks, you want Karabakh to return under leadership of Azerbaijan? You are either really stupid or ugly to the point of disgrace. I want to wish the author great success in mastering the art of writing, but just switch topics. You will be better in the news about Agriculture

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