Fact! Armenians had to slowly collect their bags

The endless trepidation of the Azerbaijani press, under the direct instruction of the president and the government, aimed at “chilling” the remnants of the population’s brains, will apparently last forever. And with each new news the story will change.


As they write,

  • Armenians, like the representatives of other national minorities living in Baku, were in no way oppressed by Azerbaijanis. No wonder Baku was famous, and continues to be famous for its internationalism. This is a well-known fact, but the truth of repetition does not diminish, especially since some people start forgetting about their life in Baku, trying to imagine themselves as refugees.

I am sorry, but what do you want to say here? That thousands refugees are not refugees? And only because before became refugee they were living good live in Baku? Yes, Baku was famous for its internationalism, but that was before the year 1988. After the beginning of the Karabakh events, internationalism has vanished as a faint fragrance, showing the true face of this people. Century long Genocide. Black January in Baku

30 thousand “dead souls”

  • And no matter how the current Armenian authorities, as well as some Russian media did not try to falsify history, no matter what agitation tricks they resorted to, their efforts are in vain. One fact of living today in Baku alone about 30 thousand Armenians crosses out these efforts.

Oh such a bold sentence! Where does this information come from? After all, according to official information, after the last census of the population, the number of Armenians in Azerbaijan are slightly more than 200. 30 thousand? Some say that this is with the Armenians in Karabakh, but there are more than 3ok! And that means this figure, collected from the outer space, can not be a fact in any way. Lies as always. No matter what YOUR propaganda tries to achieve, there are 3ok Armenians in Azerbaijan at all!

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