Everything according to the law!

Can it be otherwise in a “democratic” state? The law is one for all, well, or almost …

Гасанов: Власти Азербайджана выступают с позиции интересов народа, несут перед ним ответственность

Ludicrous interview. After reading I just want to ask Mr. Gasanov, where are you from?

  • You know that Azerbaijan is a democratic, legal state, all issues in the country are regulated within the law, the distribution of power ensures a balance between the legislative, executive and judicial authorities

LOL what!? What country are you talking about? I have not read such an outright lie for a long time. Taking into account the last year and frequent arrests of people disliked by Aliyev.

We do not like

  • Ali Hasanov: “Michel Forst’s report does not reflect the Azerbaijani realities, is biased and has a custom-made nature of the case”
  • It is no coincidence that, at a press conference, Mr. Forst, referring to his mandate, said that he would not even touch the Armenian-Azerbaijani, Nagorno-Karabakh issue and its consequences. This is an obvious indicator of his attitude towards Azerbaijan and the pro-Armenian position

Freaking conclusion! So if a person prepares a report on arrests in the country, political prisoners and is not going to touch the Karabakh problem, then he automatically “is not right” and sides with Armenians. What if an UN officer arrives tomorrow and writes a report on bad water in the country, but does not want to touch Karabakh, he automatically wrong” and pro-Armenian.

  • As for the question of arrests, Mr. Forst’s judgments give grounds to say that he did not at all acquaint himself with the nature of the crimes and criminal materials. If he had read, he did not use the phrase “criminal proceedings were instituted for the thoughts expressed on the Internet” in relation to the person prosecuted for a specific criminal act.

WOW!  He’s such a stupid. How could he think such thoughts at all! That’s what you want to say about Mr. Forst? Right? I will tell you that Mr. Forst never had any pro-armenian position and his reports are actually show the real situation in Aliyev’s Sultanate.

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