Drama Theater “Black List”

The “dramatic theater” of one country continues. The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry has posted an updated “black list” of undesirable people. Here is a link to it (http://www.mfa.gov.az/files/file/Yenilenmis_08.05.2017.pdf). As blogger Anton Nosik writes:

  • I found myself at position N 75 in current edition Anton – Nosik, bloqer from Rusiya Federasiyası – in a pleasant company of 663 more enemies of the Azerbaijani people from such countries as Gürcüstan, Macarıstan, Almaniya Federativ Respublikası, Amerika Birləşmiş Ştatları, Avstraliya İttifaqı, İsveçrə Konfederasiyası, Uruqvay Şərq Respublikası, Belçika Krallığı and Lüksemburq Böyük Hersoqluğu. It seems that today there is no such country in the world where the officials of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry could not find undesirable persons for inclusion in their magic list.

I remember in 2013 there was a about 200. If this continues, the whole world will be on that list. Earth is dangerous for Azerbaijan

Society is dangerous for Rafik
Society is dangerous for Rafik. A scene from the “Comedy Club”

This list, which includes now almost 1000 people, is a pure show off. Since they can not do anything else, they will replenish it. They can not stop people from visiting Karabakh. But still try, as it was done with another blogger Lapshin.

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