Journalist Tortured in Detention, Teeth Forcibly Removed

Journalist Nijat Amiraslanov has been subject to torture at Qazakh District Police Station.

His lawyer Elchin Sadiqov told Meydan TV that all of his teeth have been removed from his mouth.

Ganja Court of Appeal held a scheduled hearing yesterday on annulling Amiraslanov’s 30-day prison sentence. However, Sadiqov claims that Amiraslanov was coerced into lodging an admission of guilt.

“We entered the courtroom before the trial. And we saw that the judge’s assistant was sitting next to the judge, and dictating the document to him [Amiraslanov].”

Nijat Amiraslanov was sentenced by Qazakh District Court to 30 days imprisonment for disobeying a direct order of a police officer. Nijat Amiraslanov is a freelance journalist.

My opinion

I’ve read the post when Nijad was captured by Azeri police forces and immediately knew at that time he won’t get out uninjured. Something bad definitely will happen to him. This is how Azeri government is treating people in their own country. Single word against Aliyev and his ruler family  and you are on the wrong side of the street.


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