ECHR Begins Investigation into Death of Writer Rafiq Tagi

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has begun an investigation into the case of the death of writer-publicist Rafiq Taghiyev.

The complaint was forwarded to the ECHR by the deceased’s wife, Maya Tagiyeva. The application raises questions about violations of rights under Articles 2 (the right to life, in particular, state measures to protect these rights), 10 (freedom of expression) and 13 (the right to effective remedies) of the European Convention.

The applicant complained of an ineffective investigation into the death of her husband.

The ECHR sent questions to the government regarding the complaint of the violation of these rights, and also requested information on the steps taken to investigate the murder.

The ECHR also began a communication into one more case related to Rafiq Tagi. It concerns the arrest of Tagi and Samir Huseynov for the article “Europe and Us” in 2006.

In 2006, the Sabail Court of Baku found both guilty under Article 283 (incitement to inter-religious hatred) of the Criminal Code and condemned Tagi to 3 years, and Huseynov to 4 years in prison. They were later pardoned.

Azerbaijani writer and publicist Rafig Tagi was attacked on November 19, 2011 by an unknown person who stabbed him several times, after which he disappeared from the scene. The writer was seriously hospitalized in the city’s clinical center and placed in the intensive care unit.

On November 21, his condition stabilized and he was transferred to a regular ward. On the same day he gave testimony to the employees of the investigative bodies, describing in detail the signs of the attacker.

He managed to give several interviews, expressing hope for recovery and return to his writing activities. In an interview with Azadliq radio, he described the probable cause of the assassination: “My last article is ‘Iran and the inevitability of globalization.’ It is likely because of that article…that the attack took place.”

On November 23, 2011, Rafiq Tagi’s condition suddenly deteriorated and he died.

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