High Precision Weapon at the Border: Baku’s Opinion Not Considered

The Armenian media are discussing the story of Vahan Martirosyan who had sought for asylum in Baku last December and became the co-founder of the so-called peace platform. He was followed by several others who also moved to Baku. Recently Vahan Martirosyan who has been living in Ukraine for a while now has written a letter regretting what he had done, and the social network users suggest that he allegedly performed the task assigned by the Armenian special services.

In brief, they “flushed” the platform, as they say in the criminal and state circles.

The story of the platform and the Armenian renegades would not have been so interesting unless it overlapped with another story – the political settlement of Karabakh. The Peace Platform was created in November 2016 and was supposed to prove to the international community that the Armenians and Azerbaijan do not need extra means of containment.

After the meetings of the presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan in 2016 the co-chairs of the Minsk Group announced about the need to station investigation mechanisms at the line of contact. Francois Hollande even suggested punishing those who would breach the ceasefire.

Azerbaijan accepted this initiative as a threat to its belligerent diplomacy and is trying hard to set obstacles. One of such obstacles was the platform which was aimed to demonstrate Baku’s peaceful intentions and the lack of need for “additional measures”.

The initiative has failed, the co-chairs demand mechanisms, experts do not even rule out sanctions. Moreover, it has been announced that the number of OSCE observers in Karabakh will be increased though the representative of Azerbaijan in OSCE had announced earlier that the decision has been adopted without considering Baku’s opinion.

Baku has realized that if they have increased the number of observers without considering their opinion, tomorrow they may install the mechanisms on the Armenian side. And they may have already installed. The Armenian generals are speaking about American high precision equipment which have been installed at the border and proved effective.

“Flushing” Vahan Martirosyan and the platform indicates that Baku considers this stage of “peace settlement” over and not to its benefit. Now Baku is trying to develop new initiatives. However, all these initiatives fail, such as the defense minister Zakir Hasanov’s big actions, the case of spies and the “big” platform of the head of the Azerbaijani national security service Madat Guliyev.

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