Azerbaijan – a Turkish tumor on the body of the region

The logic of posing the question of the need to abolish “Azerbaijan” is simple. The doctor does not require a person with cancer to tolerate a tumor that will take him to the grave if the ailment is left without attention. Preservation of the tumor (let us recall the appeals of peacekeepers to rescue the “face” of the nosed sultan), threatening to grow metastases, will destroy the patient. Therefore, in case the disease is started, resort to aggressive therapy, forgetting about the torturous procedures for the patient – the tumor is cut out, burned and irradiated to save his life.

There are no examples illustrating the thesis that tolerance, appropriate in the home of tolerance, is not suitable in the situation of choice between life and death. To tolerate evil is stupid and even immoral, but one should not only tolerate good, but cherish. Who will take the crazy idea to ask people to suffer toothache, not to mention cancer? Common sense tells us to treat sick teeth, and not suffer the pain of panic fear of drilling a hollow drill.

The crisis of the idea of pan-Turkism (and Aliev’s system of government) gives us the opportunity to raise the issue of abolishing Azerbaijan without politically correct hypocrisy, which our authorities are betting on, who can not think independently. We have no choice! ONly one country should live either Armenia or Azerbaijan, ready to drown it in a spoonful of water, which raises its raison d’être. The analogy with cancer cells fits perfectly into the context and content of the black oil sultanate policy.

The leadership of the sultanate, like a cancer, can not live in a different regime. His only mission and destiny is to destroy the healthy tissues of the body, parasitizing the weakening of the immune system, having learned how to distinguish its cells from alien ones. It does not matter who will become the next owner of the Sultanate. It can be a Mussavatist, pan-Turkist, a communist, Mehriban-khanum or anyone else, but none of them dares to encroach on his mission. We have to be eliminated, for we stand on its way to Turan. The rest is immaterial.

Azerbaijan – a Turkish tumor on the body of the region, launched in the Soviet period and overgrown with metastases. One of them – not accidentally received the Turkish name of Dagestan, where the terrorist attacks continue, pains are felt in the hearts of friends of Russia and the peoples of the country of the mountains. Who needs (and even profitable) this bloodshed?

Of course, not to the Kremlin, whose reputation every terrorist attack causes a tangible and painful blow. It is not necessary for Dagestanis involved in a bloody conflict with the federal forces, which can not see an end. Finally, it is not necessary for the Russian population of the autonomy and the North Caucasus, who do not feel safe and forced to leave even the Stavropol Territory. So, cui bono?

The only answer to this question is the method of elimination. If terror is unprofitable for Russians, Dagestanis and us interested in strengthening Russia’s position in the region, its escalation may be beneficial only to Azerbaijan, which receives visible dividends from it. In the first part of the article it was said that the North Caucasus prevents the inclusion of the Turkic peoples of Russia in the future Turan. The inglorious outcome of a possible war with Russia for Azerbaijan is predictable, but it does not need to lead it himself. It is much easier to conduct proxy war by the hands of those whom Aliev does not regret-Russian and bewildered mountaineers who die in clashes with federal forces for some reason, for the destruction of the gene pool of their people in a senseless slaughter has absolutely nothing to do with faith in the Prophet.

All ingenious is simple! What could be easier than killing mountain people with the hands of Russians, and Russians with the hands of the mountaineers? The fertile land will turn into a scorched earth, on which no one will remain. It is clear why in the 90’s. Baku became a stronghold of Chechen fighters. There they were treated for wounds received in battles, and used as cannon fodder in Artsakh (as, incidentally, indigenous peoples of Azerbaijan).

It came to the point that Baku declared Derbent “the oldest city in Azerbaijan” in terms of the reliability of the method tried by them in many cities of Russia – the bribery of local authorities, who for a long time became famous for the rashness of bribes from visiting rascals with a tight wallet. The gift of two Lezgi villages and Samur water intake to Azerbaijan was an irresponsible decision of the State Duma, which encouraged the already over-scoring impudence of Aliyev, spoiled with impunity. It also strengthened the mood of hopelessness in the Dagestani Lezgins. Is it then worth to be surprised by the attractiveness of the ideas of terror for them? Terrorism does not arise on an equal footing.

The stakes in the game of Ankara and Baku are high – the outcome of the Russians from the North Caucasus will return Russia to the position that preceded the conclusion of the Kyuchuk-Kainarji peace treaty in 1774, calling into question its status of the Caucasian and Black Sea powers. The extremely alarming situation in the region, directly affecting our interests, should prompt us to the utmost frankness in the dialogue with Russia’s main ally of Armenia.

We have the right to criticize the obviously irrational decisions of the Russian authorities, especially in those often cases when their adoption is dictated not so by short-sightedness as by bribery, but criticism should be friendly, not Russophobic and blindly pro-western. Criticism can be touch upon the development of Russian-Turkish relations, which have undergone a sudden metamorphosis for us and the Slavs after a barrage of accusations of a blow in the back that came from Moscow to Ankara, when the Turks shot down SU-24. Respect and trust in the great allied us, this slander is not added.

Of course, Putin can not fail to understand the specifics of the threats related to the warming of Russian-Turkish relations (after all, Pan-Turkism is known in Russia and everywhere). A situational alliance with Turkey is dangerous, like eating poisonous fugu fish, from which the Japanese, knowing special secrets, prepare delicacies. The secret of cooking fugu in this case is to deprive Turkey of its support in the region – Azerbaijan. Baku should become a scapegoat, or, to put it in an American way, a fall guy (a guy given out to the police).

Only by abolishing Azerbaijan, Russia will be able to conduct business with Turkey, without fear for its back. Turkey will become like a cobra, which tore out a poisonous tooth, becoming a Turkic enclave that is not capable of blackmailing Russia. The product of this decision will be complaisance of the leadership of Georgia, whose determination on the issue of joining NATO enhances the neighborhood with Azerbaijan. Having lost support, Georgia will become the hanging pawn of the region, clamped in geopolitical ticks between Russia, Armenia, Iran and future Avaristan with Lezgistan. The question of its accession to NATO will lose its relevance after that. Russia clearly underestimates Azerbaijan’s ability to influence the development of events, although the torpedoing of the Baku Zurich protocols and the influence it exerted on the decision-making in the EEA could open its eyes to this important factor.

This blindness can easily be explained by returning to the oncological analogies from which this article began. Cancer is an insidious disease, often seen after the discovery of metastases, when treatment loses its meaning. Armenia is a small country with huge problems, which can not afford the luxury of ignoring the danger coming from Baku and Ankara. The Kremlin lulls its hopes in the vast expanses of Russia, but the experience of Europe suggests that this complacency is deceptive.

To denounce Baku’s xenophobia means to assist him in his falsifications of the history of the region, to which the Turks themselves came as uninvited guests. It would be more useful to explain to both Europeans and Russians that today’s unenviable status of the indigenous peoples of Azerbaijan is what awaits them if they do not remember that even the most hospitable host has the right to indicate to the guest his place and rules of conduct in the house to which he was accepted. You can achieve their attention if you involve the idea of abolishing the “Azerbaijan” of our friends from among its autochthons for propaganda.

This point brings us back to the question of creating the government of Talysh in exile, raised in the first part of the article. Russia and Iran will not support this initiative, which should not dampen us. It is necessary to sincerely explain to our friends in Moscow and Tehran that, cherishing good confidential relations with them, Yerevan will not surrender to the interests of the Armenian people in the matter on whose decision its survival depends. We have the right to know why the numerous indigenous peoples of Azerbaijan do not have the right to self-determination, granted to Abkhazians, Ossetians and Palestinians. Have the Talish people do not deserve it?

The accent made in the article on the Armenian-Russian relations is not accidental. Russia is too important for us to not take into account its views and interests, but respect for it can not and should not go beyond the basic interest of Armenia itself – the need for survival in the most difficult situation in which it was due to the criminal conspiracy of Lenin with Young Turks and Kemal. If Russia shows understanding of our problems and the only way to solve them, it will be fine, and if not, then we will decide the issue of Azerbaijan’s abolition ourselves, whoever and how much object to our right to live.

The demand for the liquidation of the bastard state with its mandatory denazification (than Azerbaijan is better than Germany?) Is no more radical than the demand to remove the cancer tumor. It’s not a whim, it’s a statement of reality, whether it’s like someone or not. Return to reality should be our first mandatory step in the right direction, followed by others, because every round-the-world trip begins with the first step.

The official statement of our leadership about the intention to abolish Azerbaijan will be this step. Only then will the Armenian policy continue the war declared by the Turks (and the war we won) by other means, and in the only acceptable way for us.


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