Azerbaijan told how the 13-year-old boy was “wounded”

August 7, according to the Azerbaijani mass media, 13-year-old villager Garalar Tovuz region of Azerbaijan Ramil Sabir oglu Yusifov (2004 DOB) received severe shrapnel wounds to both legs. Further, the local media have added colors and leg wounds were added to the wounds “on the body”:

“Yusifov was urgently hospitalized with multiple shrapnel wounds on his body.” The teenager was operated on, his condition is assessed as normal. ”

However, as it turned out, the numerous heavy wounds of “legs and body” did not prevent the boy from quickly running away from the place of the explosion.

“According to the father of the boy Sabir Yusifov, the Armenians are already shelling his son for the second time. Armenians do not allow the villagers to farm outside the home. According to Ramin himself, the bullet exploded, hit him: “Many fragments pierced my leg, I immediately ran away from that place,” Azerbaijani media quoted the boy.

It should be reminded that the Ministry of Defense of Armenia denied this information.

“The lies of the Azerbaijani propaganda machine are already revealed by the submitted photos of the child’s injuries, which are undoubtedly old and have nothing to do with shrapnel wounds, which were allegedly received on August 7.

The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia warns the military and political leadership of Azerbaijan that in case of any provocation the Armenian side will resort to harsh retaliatory actions, ” – the report said.

Note that in the presented photos there are no “splinter wounds”, especially those, because of which it would be necessary to do the operation. And traces of this operation on the legs of the child is not visible. His feet are covered with small specks and one long scarred scar.

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