Step by step …

No one can deny the progressive development of history. The historical process changes people, society, morals and laws. What was forbidden becomes allowed. Even honorable. I will not remind you of Sodom and Gomorrah. Now even little children laugh at the sacred books of curses against you know who.

Gay and lesbian people, as well as transgender people, go through government and parliamentary corridors with herds.

People with a traditional orientation begin to feel flawed in the society of civilized people.

In the era of the domination of idolatry, Christians were outcasts. Now everything is exactly the opposite.

The first protestants were murdered by catholics : they stabbed , burned alive.

Now Protestantism is the official religion in several leading countries.

In the time of Shakespeare, the role of women in the English theater was played by men. At the beginning of the century in Baku, a very noble man killed his relative, a talented actor, because he “disgraced the family.”

Now being an actor is not only honorable, but also profitable. People are proud of their kinship with famous artists.

In the early 1950s, I asked my mother: “Who put black eye to my younger aunt?” She replied: “Uncle. For the fact that she was accompanied to her road to home by  a classmate. ”

Now, thank God, girls often go home from school not only accompanied by their peers, but sometimes even ride them.

Recently worldwide free and fair elections were considered inviolable value. Now the election has become so relativistic that it does not surprise anyone that the US election was won by Donald Trump, who scored three million votes less than Hillary Clinton. So what? Al Gore also got 100,000 votes more than Bush Junior, but junior Bush has passed!

No one will be surprised when they will soon inform that a certain Mr. Chippendale has been elected President of the United States not with a preponderance, but with a shortage of five million votes. They will say that “these are the features of the American Constitution.” And that’s all.

Nothing, not only protest, but even ask.

Let’s take corruption. This used to be corruption was something bad. And now the times are different, and morals are different.

In Soviet times, people knew that many partocrats took bribes, enjoyed the benefits of their positions, but also knew that some partocrats “do not take,” and sometimes the punishing hand of Soviet laws punishes some not-so-zealous corrupt officials.

The meetings of the NFA were held under the slogan “Down with the Communist bribe takers”! Having come to power, the frontists attacked the bribe, like a thirsty traveler in the desert to cool water. The Sabbat lasted a year.

And not only Azerbaijan. In the CIS countries (with the exception of Belarus), corruption flourished like scarlet poppies in April on alpine meadows. In Russia for 20 years there were 90 dollar billionaires! In Kazakhstan, they are officially several. Not a single one in Azerbaijan! We do not even officially have millionaires! And unofficially there are arguments, who have more bucks, from ours, or theirs.

In Russia, the Fight Against Corruption Foundation of Alexey Navalny places on Youtube films showing and describing corruption in the highest echelons of the Russian government. Then about millions of the prosecutor by the name of Chaika, then about billions of prime minister by the name of Medvedev.

How does the guarantor of the Constitution Putin reacts? By doing nothing! He even complained to the people that some bad persons under the pretext of fighting corruption encroach on Russia’s sovereignty, integrity and leading role in the world. That’s right, under the pretext of fighting corruption. Fighting corruption becomes a bad habbit, almost like the persecution of sexual minorities.

There is a legitimate question: in the area of legalization and legitimization of corruption who is ahead of the whole planet? Putin’s Russia? Europe of Pedro Agramunt? USA of Donald Trump? (American public opinion swallowed, without choking, a message that billionaire Trump had not paid taxes to the state for several years because of the problems of his business). Aliyev’s Azerbaijan? Sargsyan’s Armenia? Ukraine’s Poroshenko? Zimbabwe of Robert Mugabe? Who!?

This will not be Sweden. In this backward and unhappy country brilliant politics Mona Salin was caught only because she mistakenly paid her perfume with a card of a member of parliament that was issued to her to pay for stationery. And she, by mistake, of course, because she herself from a very wealthy aristocratic family, paid for the perfume. Because of what has lost a real chance to become the Prime Minister of Sweden. This is their attitude towards the financial cleanliness in the public opinion of the country.

And what about us? Our people have fallen on the floor from laughter when hear, that in Germany the president of the country have forced to resignation because he took a trip which was paid by unknown businessman.

Be kind, resign!

Azeri people are almost bursting with laughter when they hear that the ex-president of Brazil Lulu da Silva is imprisoned because he illegally acquired, now I will dare to say, just do not die from laughter, FOUR-BEDROOM APARTMENT.

Let the Brazilian judges come and look at the four-levels villas of our ministers and deputy ministers!

Whatever people say, but the tendency of human development is that – soon corruption will not be considered a crime or  reprehensible offense. The right to corruption will be next to the right to sexual freedom.

Followed by the rehabilitation of pedophilia.

Next – everywhere and everything. Continuous progress and freedom-ish,



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