Azeri man, photographed with Asya Khachatryan, compatriots threaten reprisals

The noise that arose around civil activist Asi Khachatryan reached Azerbaijan. Tehran Bayramov in this country, infuriated compatriots threaten with cruel reprisals for photos of an Armenian girl

According to, who contacted Tehran Bayramov, the latter said that he met Asya on the social network Facebook a few months ago. A native of Baku, Bayramov said he hitchhiked around countries that do not require visas for Azerbaijanis. His family lives in Azerbaijan, and he travels around Russia.

“At first we talked about the war between our countries. It turned out that Asya, like me, is against military actions and the death of innocent people, ”said Bayramov, adding that Asya is good friends, and nothing more.

Then they decided to meet in Tbilisi, took pictures there, it was these photos that shook the Azerbaijani public.

“I didn’t think that because of these photos there would be such a hype. By sharing these photos, I was hoping to bring people together, but the reaction turned out to be too negative. I was faced with a powerful verbal attack on me. I was insulted, there were even those who threatened me with death. But I do not attach any importance to this, ”said Bayramov.

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