Ali Karimli and other activists fined and released, three sentenced to prison

Opposition leader Ali Karimli, who was detained together with more than 50 other people for participating in what authorities have criticized as an unauthorized rally, was released again on Monday, 19 November, after having been fined ₼2,500 ($1,470).

While most of the people detained on 17 November were released again the same day, Karimli and ten others – among them a blogger, a journalist and fellow members of the Azerbaijan Popular Front Party  – were kept in detention and reportedly brought to the Sabail District Court.

They were charged with violation of the rules on public assembly under the Administrative Offense Code, punishable by a fine, community service, or up to two months of administrative arrest.

Seven of the accused have to pay a fine of ₼400–500 ($235-294), and three were sentenced to twenty days of administrative arrest.

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