Boomerang law. After all, life does not end tomorrow

Chingiz Sultansoy “So I remembered this pain”

The former deputy of the Milli Majlis, the former head of the Press Service of the Ministry of Defense of the Azerbaijan Republic, Eldar Sabiroglu, published his Facebook status on his son’s page. He told how his son is being tortured in custody. His son Rufat Safarov has been deprived of his freedom for the third year. At the end of 2015, the investigator of the Zardab district prosecutor’s office, R.Safarov, made a bold and sensational statement about corruption and lawlessness in law enforcement, then resigned and was soon arrested, of course. The authorities do not forgive such statements.

Eldar Sabiroglu status on Facebook

Several users reprinted status, others commented. Here is what he writes:

“I must confess that I did not know this government well enough. I can not forgive myself. It was vividly convinced of its extreme ruthlessness and cruelty when Rufat was arrested and tortured in the institution of serving the sentence. The torture was carried out under the direction of a bloodthirsty operative named Fizuli, who arrived from the Prison Service. The last time he was crucified, beaten with his hands and feet … But even this seemed to them a little, they were beaten him, when he was lying on the floor, with truncheons until exhaustion. Then they poured a bucket of water on him.

This time, this Fizuli began to kick him on the asphalt floor on the head, calling him an enemy of the people and a traitor to the motherland. Contractor – Fizuli is probably not the first time torturing prisoners with such wild cruelty. After all this, Rufat’s blood pressure rose greatly, he cannot sleep from a headache. During the last meeting, he complained of pressure and headaches.

I do not see guilt in Fizuli. They keep him because he is a good butcher. The main thing is where and from whom the instruction came. And this is also known. Those who understand loyalty to the president, therefore, let them take a good look at their children when they return home. After all, life does not end tomorrow … “. Eldar Sabiroglu

Rufat Safarov and Eldar Sabiroglu Photos:

Statement of Rufat Safarov

The proposed excerpts from Rufat Safarov’s interview with the Azadlig newspaper (2015) explain why he is being tortured and who E. Sabiroglu meant when he wrote “The main thing is where and from whom the instruction came. And this is also known “:

“I worked for about five years as an investigator. My decision was made in connection with the lawlessness that has reigned for many years in the country. I do not consider my decision radical, it is quite normal. I want to appeal to my people. First, I want to apologize that I made such a decision very late. Probably, I should have done this 2-3 years ago. I especially want to emphasize that I had no problems with anyone. I have a monthly income, salary, house, personal car. I have no personal complaints. But on the public level, the situation is very pitiable. I am extremely concerned about the fate of my people. Today, all corrupt and thieves are at liberty, and innocent people are rotting in prisons. Their only fault is the truth they have said. ”

I appeal to Ramiz Mehdiyev and his assistants, ”R.Safarov declared then. – If they try to use me to denigrate my father, they will receive a fivefold answer. I declare openly that I am not afraid of anything and will reveal the facts.

“Lawlessness is ahead of laws in Azerbaijan. There is nothing independent in the country. There is only the free “right to die.” 90% of the country is half starving. And all these facts lead me not to be afraid to be with my people. ”

Quick reference

Almost immediately, a criminal case was initiated against R. Safarov on charges of receiving a bribe. In September 2016, the Lankaran Serious Crimes Court convicted Safarov to 9 years in prison. R.Safarov himself called the “ridiculous” statement about receiving a bribe, and the court sentence – politically motivated. “For five years of work in the Zardoba Prosecutor’s Office, no complaints against me have been submitted to the main department for the fight against corruption or anywhere else,” he said. About a month ago, Safarov was visited by the staff of the International Committee of the Red Cross, to whom he said that, in connection with the facts of torture against him, the European Court of Human Rights accepted his statement.

Bad example for others

Maybe it is precisely because the prisoner does not “sit still”, does not break, does not repent, even tries to defend his rights, writes torture to the European Court and explains An “unbroken” prisoner is a bad example for other prisoners and those who are still free.

Torture in Azerbaijani prisons. Illustration of Maidan

What was the Ilgar’s fault?

The journalist Mahir Mammadli, an employee of the TV channel Real TV, writes. His statements should be treated with caution, because Real TV and its employees often lie professionally and spread disinformation. However, I think that this time Mahir Mammadli wrote the truth.

“I just saw the status of the former head of the press service of the Ministry of Defense, Eldar Sabiroglu, where he demands truth and justice. He writes that “Life ends not tomorrow.” Already reading, he recalled his friend Ilgar Verdiev, who was killed at the front. He was an employee of the press service of the Ministry of Defense and it was E. Sabiroglu who sent Ilgar to the front as a punishment.

He was sent to Murovdag by the commander of the unit, which did not correspond to his rank of major. Then, without any reason, he was dropped to the captain. On the night of June 10, 2012, the commander of the engineering unit, Ilgar Verdiyev, was killed while rescuing his commander, head of the engineering and sapper service in / part of Major Zahir Mamedov, who was hit by a mine. Ilgar, trying to save him, himself blew up on a mine and became a martyr.

Ilgar’s “wine” was that he invited an employee of a newspaper that was undesirable for Eldar Sabiroglu to a press conference.

“I had to write about this even then.”

User, journalist and expert Zohrab Ismail wrote in the comments on the status of Mahir Mamedov, which doubts the truth of what was said.

“It is unlikely that Eldar Sabiroglu could have done all that you wrote. I never defended him. And I will not. However, those who, by request, can send a person to the army and to the front are sitting on higher steps of the (hierarchical) ladder. In addition, all this had to be written back when Ilgar Verdiyev was sent to the front, when he died. When E.Sabiroglu was still at the head of the Press Service “.

“The soldier’s mother called me crying”

Here is what former Azadlig Radio employee, journalist Esmira Javadova, writes on her Facebook page.

“For many years I have been in journalism. For many years I have been digging in human problems, writing. I wrote a lot about the deaths of soldiers, I continue to write today. When Eldar Sabiroglu was the head of the press service of the Ministry of Defense, she had contact with him twice a week. In the Ministry of Defense, I did not know the second such person who, like him, would try to hide the soldiers’ deaths, even put pressure on the soldiers killed by grief. Even threatened them.

I want to write about what he did shortly before his dismissal. There was a case when the soldier was held at the post beyond the prescribed period, and when he stopped giving voice, they checked and saw that he was dead and cold. They lowered the icy body from the mountain, documented it, loaded it into a car and sent it home. The soldier’s mother called me and weepingly told me what had happened to her son. I prepared an article, called the Defense Ministry – Eldar Sabiroglu. He said he would give a comment in five minutes. Five minutes later the mother of the dead soldier called me, and then his aunt, both of them begged me not to write anything.

My aunt told me frankly that I would not return the deceased, even if they do not touch the surviving family members. Immediately after that, I called Eldar Sabiroglu to give him everything I thought about him. He beat me, said, “You are a provocateur, I don’t even want to talk to you.” After some time, a neighbor of the family of the deceased soldier called, said that you called the Ministry of Defense, and in our quarter they dragged all the district police officers under pressure on the father and brother of the dead soldier, they say, if you see a journalist, drive.

Recently, Mahir Mammadli wrote about what Eldar Sabiroglu did to the late Ilgar Verdiyev, so I remembered this pain. ”

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