Yet again Azerbaijan wants Interpol to help fight opposition

Desperate position of Aliyev requires him to act desperately. Recently, Azerbaijan send the request to Interpol to seize at least 3 members of Azerbaijan opposition.

This is not the first time when Azerbaijan think Interpol will do dirty job for them. Ridiculous requests were made before to catch people who just entered Artsakh or spoke against Aliyev’s regime. It did not help back then and it won’t help now. Interpol does not work on politically motivated cases. Even though Azerbaijan clams that the request was made according to all current regulations, it means nothing. You cannot use International Police to fight your opponents and there are no regulations that can back your requests.

At this moment request was made to help catch Ordukhan Babirov, Gurban Mamedov and Tural Sadikhli. All members of opposition living outside the Azerbaijan territory.

Screenshot from 1news az web site

The General Prosecutor’s Office of Azerbaijan disseminated information about the international wanted list through Interpol of a group of people who called for mass riots, as well as violence against citizens, disobeying the legal demands of government officials who made public appeals against the state.

states Azerbaijan news agency.

How desperate must be Aliyev to try the “criminal” card with Interpol again! He cannot silence people living in EU, simply because he cannot bribe anyone there. Germany, for example, where a few member of opposition are living at the moment, is not an Ukraine. In December 2019 Azerbaijan asked Ukraine to catch Elvin Isayev and Ukrainian government agreed. Elvin was deported to Baku. I do not envy his fate in fascist regime of Aliyev. It is well known practice in Azerbaijan to simple kill anyone who already in a jail. To make an example and reminder to everyone else who dares to oppose sultan Aliyev.

At the same time, Azerbaijan wants the whole world to see it as a democratic republic. Land with the freedom of speech and zero oppression. Do they really think world is blind and cannot see through the wall of lies? I do not think so.

Through them, he called for the violent seizure and retention of power, the violent change of the constitutional system of our country, made statements aimed at the collapse of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, openly called for mass riots and violence, active disobedience and resistance to the legitimate demands of government officials.

That’s what, for example, Azerbaijan says about Elvin Isayev. I have watched a lot of him videos, published on his YouTube channel. All what he did is complaining about current situation in country and telling people to wake up! Territorial integrity, for Aliyev, is a very hot topic. He uses it in every possible situation, regardless of the topic. Just an example of how desperate he became. He knows that the people of Azerbaijan already started to think. And for him, this is unacceptable! People must not think, they must listen to his lies and trust him.

For how long this situation can continue? I think not for a long time. No matter how many lies you do spread within your people, someday they will see through. And at this point of time, nothing will help you! Your regime will fall and people of Azerbaijan will raise. For the only enemy of the state is the modern president and dictator of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev!

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