“brave” Azerbaijani soldiers are fighting against Armenian graves

After 7 regions were donated to Azerbaijan by Russia, the “brave” soldiers who entered these territories began a merciless war with the Armenian graves.

Just like in 1990 when azerbaijanis completely destroyed the Armenian graves where my grandfather and grandmother were at in the “Wolf’s Gate” cemetery in Baku, Azerbaijanis continue their “dancing on the bones” now in the seven regions received back.

As if nothing surprising. We all knew perfectly well what would happen. For 30 years, Azerbaijanis not only have not changed for the better, but have become much worse, thanks to the anti-Armenian policy of Aliyev and his entourage.

The Armenians leaving the regions, which are now under the control of Azerbaijan, took all their belongings with them, and many even transported the remains of their relatives so that the Azerbaijanis would not abuse them. Many thought it was wildness. The Azerbaijani media even wrote happy news about this! But it turns out that the Armenians knew perfectly well to whom the lands were given, where their ancestors lay!

In recent days, videos have been circulated on Twitter and TikTok, where “brave” soldiers are destroying graves. Probably to show their “famous” tolerance.

Just look at these videos!

At the same time, the graves of Azerbaijanis on the territory of Dilijan have remained untouched to this day. This alone says a lot!

Attempts by propagandists in Baku to promote the idea of peaceful coexistence between Azerbaijanis and Armenians are failing, finding no real basis.

Here I would like to ask the Azerbaijanis. Is this your true face? Do you want to show the world how cultured you are? You don’t even think that such barbarism in our time does not help the “good” image that Aliyev is trying to create for you. How do you want to live next to the Armenians if you are doing this?

After all, no matter how much you feed the wolf, he still looks into the forest!

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