In Azerbaijan, oppositionist was blackmailed with an intimate video of his sister

Another sex scandal erupted in Azerbaijan: opozitioner Magomed Mirzali living in France was blackmailed with an intimate video of his sister. The oppositionist himself told about this.

Magomed Mirzali, speaking on his YouTube channel, said that he was being blackmailed by his sister’s intimate video.

“The video sent to me via the WhatsApp messenger captures my sister’s intimacy with her husband. Someone placed a camera in their bedroom, ” – the oppositionist said.

According to him, later they contacted him again and offered to shut up: “Otherwise, I was threatened with the dissemination of these frames.”

Who is Magomed Mirzali?

The 27-year-old oppositionist left Azerbaijan several years ago and settled in France. According to Mirzali himself, he was persecuted after he organized a protest against the deaths of soldiers in the city of Goychay [a city in central Azerbaijan].

Living in immigration, Magomed Mirzali began to harshly criticize the Azerbaijani authorities. After that, persecution of members of his family began.

The oppositionist’s sister’s husband was arrested on charges of drug possession. Some relatives of the oppositionist in the police wrote statements about renouncing their relationship with him, Radio Liberty reports.

Intimate videos as a weapon against the opposition

Oppositionists and journalists who openly oppose the current government in Azerbaijan have repeatedly been blackmailed with intimate video frames.

Journalists Khadija Ismail, Gan Turaly and Ganimat Zahid, oppositionists Kamal Benyarli, Azer Akhmedov, Natik Adilov are just a small part of those who have survived this kind of blackmail.

Notable is the case of the former Azerbaijani opposition leader and now a US citizen, Said Nuri, who came to Baku with his girlfriend in 2014. A video of an intimate nature, captured at the hotel, where Nuri was staying with his girlfriend, was circulated on social networks.

A few days later, the Azerbaijani authorities did not allow Said Nuri to leave the country, referring to the unfinished investigation of a criminal case with his participation. The incident was settled after the intervention of the US State Department.

Comments in social networks

Blackmail against Magomed Mirzali caused a storm of indignation in the Azerbaijani segment of social networks.

Here are some typical comments:

“Yes, Magomed Mirzali swears and insults. But he is an individual. And the higher authorities are doing it against him. This is politics. Stop prying into people’s personal lives. Sex is not shameful. It’s a shame to secretly shoot something like that. It is a crime”.

“Why should a man be ashamed of making love? Is not all of humanity a product of this? The authorities have been blackmailing people with intimate videos for many years. This is one of the lowest deeds. “

“They installed a hidden video camera in the bedroom (!) Of his sister (!), Filmed intimate scenes with her own husband (!) And blackmail the young man with this video. They cannot be arrested by planting drugs, like many other young critics of the authorities, they cannot bribe or kill, like Elmar Huseynov, Rafik Tagi, they decided to blackmail, like many others before. What a disgrace!”

On my own I will add that I do not see anything surprising in this. Aliyev’s desire to keep his people in check by any means will one day lead to its collapse. He thinks he is a master, although he should have been a servant of the people

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