Welcome to Baku, Armenian city 2021!

Dear readers, residents and citizens of the United States. Starting from May 2021, I will organize special excursions around the capital of Azerbaijan.

I invite everyone to visit “BAKU ARMENIAN”, let’s make a trip to the Armenian places of the city of Baku.

Our initiative group “Baku – Armenian” is happy to organize a five-day trip around the capital of Azerbaijan for everyone. The purpose of the trip is to acquaint representatives of different countries of the world with the historical past and heritage of Armenians in the history of the capital of today’s Azerbaijan.

Tours will be organized along the following routes:

Day one – Armenian churches of Baku city

Tours to the Armenian Holy places of the city of Baku. A visit to the converted building of the oldest religious building in Baku – the Church of the Holy Mother of God – near the Maiden Tower, the Armenian Church of St. Gregory the Illuminator on the Parapet, a walking tour to the site of the elevation of the largest cathedral of Saints Thaddeus and Bartholomew in Baku – the Temple of St. Grigor Lusavorich ( on the site of the Baku Conservatory).

Lunch in the building where the Baku Armenian Philanthropological Society was located.

Day two – Along the cultural sites of the Armenians of Baku

Visit to the Mayilyan Brothers Theater (now the State Opera and Ballet Theater), walking tour in the direction of the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Society (the former building of the City Public Assembly). Tea drinking in the building where the first Armenian newspaper was published in the city of Baku.

Dinner at the Heydar Aliyev Palace (architects R. Torosyan, M. Tovmasyan, A. Aharonyan, A. Avanesyan)

Day three – Armenian tycoons of Baku oil

This interesting tour starts from the Black City, where the businesses of A. Mantashyan, Esai Pitoev, Stepan Lianozov, Ter-Mikelov, Ter-Gukasov and others were located. Houses of oil owners Nerses Krasilnikov and Lazar Mailov on the former Vorontsovskaya street, the house of Gukasov and the Melikov brothers.

A. Mantashyan

A dinner party at the mansion of the Armenian millionaire Pogos Gukasov.

Day Four – Armenian Architects Baku

The tour includes an interesting promenade from the center of Baku with the sightseeing of the buildings constructed according to the project of Anna Oltetsyan, with the Baku fortress, restored according to the version of Vartan Sarkisov.

Lunch in a building erected near the Maiden Tower, designed by Misak Ter-Grigoryan.

Promenade along the Baku boulevard (architect Misak Ter-Grigoryan). Baku City Hall – the beginning of the next route in the footsteps of the architect Gabriel Ter-Mikelov. The building of the city hall of the Baku City Hall was built according to the project of Ter-Mikelov. Dinner in the building of the former commercial school (architect Ter-Mikelov). Further, acquaintance with the buildings, built according to the project of the Armenian architect Nikolai Baev.

Day 5 – Armenian celebrities of Baku

Bus tour of the places where Armenian celebrities were born in Baku

Within the framework of these excursions, a temporary exhibition will be organized under the heading “The Armenian Book and the Press of the City of Baku”, where over 300 books and newspapers in the Armenian language published in Baku before 1917 will be presented.

To travel to “Baku – Armenian” you need to obtain a visa to Azerbaijan and inform me about your desire and the date of the upcoming trip.

It will be fun and educational!

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