Panic in Azerbaijan. Attack of Armenian backpacks!

In Azerbaijan, a commotion began because of the backpacks that appeared on sale, which seemed to some frightened buyers to be Armenian-made products.

According to Azerbaijani media, the day before, photos of an unusual military backpack on sale in the Bravo supermarket chain were circulated on social networks. Some users in the comments noted that the backpack is made of the same material from which the uniform of the Armenian army is sewn. In addition, especially attentive commentators made out Mount Ararat on the embroidered emblem.

To clarify the situation, correspondents tried in vain to contact the official representatives of Bravo during the day. In addition, journalists noticed that these backpacks were promptly removed from sale. Supermarket chain Bravo issued a special statement in which it acknowledged the fact that these backpacks were removed from sale. “We would like to clarify the situation with the Mountain Sport backpacks that were on sale in our network.

These backpacks are made in China and were brought to our markets through a local supplier. Given the sensitivity of the issue, we removed them from the sale and returned them to the supplier. Thank you for your understanding, ”the company said in a statement.

This is how Azerbaijan is preparing to open communications in the region.

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