At Maxim Shevchenko’s, the dogs bark and the ruins speak

During the another dastardly aggression of Azerbaijan against sovereign Armenia, two brothers in mind Igor Korotchenko and Maxim Shevchenko noted the next nihilistic statements in the spirit of the usurpers of the 19th century. This time, Maxim was especially noted. In the wet fantasies of an expert, his own world is drawn with its own rules, with its own, so to speak, good and evil.

And in the epicenter of evil, in Shevchenko’s interpretations, there are always Armenians. This time Maksim Shevchenko spoke about “Armenian blackmail”.

“Today, the Armenians were clearly shown that, if the blackmail of Russia continues, they may soon begin to negotiate not about the status of Karabakh (as they dream), but about the status of Zangezur,” Shevchenko wrote in his Telegram channel.

Of course, Shevchenko’s insanity would remain his personal affair, but the fact is that this insanity is nominally considered a journalist and some other figure, presumably a public figure.

Let those of our friends, who do not concentrate their attention on his statements of this kind, ponder over his aggressive attacks on the Armenians. We want to draw the attention of the audience to the absurdity of Shevchenko’s own existence in the status of a journalist, public figure, etc.

The fact that Azerbaijan was the initiator of yesterday’s hostilities can be seen at least from the materials of the press the day before yesterday. The increasing cases of military provocations after November 9 of this year began to multiply, if not exponentially, then precisely arithmetically.

And in fact, Shevchenko has long become a radical Islamist defending the interests of all kinds of dictatorial regimes, tyrants and terrorists in different regions of the planet. Therefore, there is no smell of concern for Russia here.

We assume that Shevchenko issued another libel purely due to the fact that Azerbaijan did not achieve the set task, and received a worthy rebuff from the Armenian military. Shevchenko, the defender of the terrorists, was unable to endure this. On the other hand, Shevchenko’s hysteria about Armenian blackmail is not worth a dime.

Numerous videos on social networks showing the geolocation of the clashes are evidence that Azerbaijan has transferred hostilities to the territory of Armenia.

In general, in a situation where the Prime Minister of Armenia Pashinyan calls the villages that were part of the Azerbaijan SSR Azerbaijani names, only the sick imagination of Shevchenko’s sick psyche is capable of representing the latest clashes for Armenian blackmail and aggression.

However, given the fact that the Azerbaijani aggression this time received a worthy rebuff, Shevchenko’s hysteria is quite a normal reaction of an old senile, who should have been placed in Kashchenko for a long time, and not invited to all sorts of programs. The patient needs qualified treatment. No blackmail.

Republic of Armenia

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