Cultural genocide of the Armenian heritage, the main task of Aliyev

A year later, after the end of hostilities, Aliyev and his close pack of jackals tirelessly continue the cultural genocide of the Armenian heritage. On the day of Merry Christmas, Aliyev sent his own pack to the Internet for another planned attack.

I constantly monitor various accounts from the Azerbaijani side and this allows me to determine when information is disseminated by individuals on their own initiative or is it a planned action.

During the Merry Christmas days, the Azerbaijani side launched an “attack” on the Armenian monasteries located in the Armenian territory occupied by Azerbaijan. Many officials took part in this action. For example, Nasimi Agayev, Consul General of Azerbaijan in Los Angeles.

When you read such a lie from the official representative of Azerbaijan in the United States of America, you wonder how this was even allowed! I will not try to argue and prove that this is a lie, since history is not the constitution of Azerbaijan, it cannot be rewritten to suit your needs.

The action itself is quite indicative of the intentions of Azerbaijan. By any means to prove to everyone that Azerbaijan is an ancient state and that everything Armenian is not really Armenian. All means are good for this. After all, the teacher of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Propaganda, Goebbels, once said, a lie repeated a hundred times becomes true. But in order to do this, different people have to repeat the lie.

And follows the precepts of Goebbels, Azerbaijan paid a certain photographer

who, for oil money, is ready to write anything. Like for example this:

As you can see, Reza repeats the same line of the Aliyev’s party. Any monastery and church must be declared Albanian. It doesn’t matter that Albania ceased to exist already in the 10th century and therefore could not build the Khudavang monastery in the 13th century. An obvious lie, but if a person ignorant of history with 30 thousand followers of Reza reads this post, then it will remain in his head that this is an Albanian monastery. In confirmation of my words, reposts were sent like this:

Further, the same Nasimi Agayev once again tries to show the whole world that there is an Armenian church in Baku, but each photo is taken in such a way that not to show the top of the church, where there should be a cross!

Until 2014, I lived in Baku, yes, I was one of those rare Armenians who lived there for a long time, posing as a representative of another ethnicity. I saw everything that the Azerbaijani vandals did with this church in 1990. I saw what it was turned into after that. And the fact that there was a restoration does not make this building a real church. After the cross and the bell were removed from it, after the church was desecrated by the dirty feet of Azerbaijani bandits, God left the church and you cannot return God back by saying this is a church!

At the same time, Nasimi not only uploads this photo, but, as is customary in Azerbaijan, tries to blame the Armenians for all the troubles of the world. Apparently, the decision of the European Court of Human Rights is a piece of paper that is not valid for Azerbaijan.

Endless anti-Armenian propaganda, permitted and encouraged by the Aliyev, will not lead to good. How can Armenians live next to such people who have only one thing in their minds, Armenians are not the humans and therefore everything is allowed to us and the whole world’s opinion is nothing to us!

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