And nothing has changed

The fights in Karabakh died down. Azerbaijan managed to seize a couple of villages and one high-altitude position, lost many soldiers and military equipment (no matter how they tried to hide the real losses), but they present it all as the greatest achievement.

Минобороны Азербайджана: «Каждая пядь земли в Карабахе будет освобождена ценой крови армянских солдат»



  • “Otherwise, with the support of the Azerbaijani people, by order of the Supreme Commander and thanks to the strength of the Azerbaijani army, the occupied lands will be freed from the enemy and the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country will be achieved,” the report said.

Mind blowing news! We are hearing it for 25 year already. Is it really still not clear that no matter how much you show off there, you will not succeed! Armenians of Karabakh are fighting for their land, and your soldiers are dying for ephemeral political statements! Therefore, Karabakh will never be Azerbaijani. At the end of the 1980s, the Armenians of Karabakh corrected the mistake of the Soviet government, in which this land was taken over by the AzSSR and will not allow such mistake to be repeated.

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