Total lies or propaganda by Azerbaijan

For a long time I have been tormented by one purposeful propaganda of Azerbaijan about supposedly tens of thousands of Armenians quietly living in Azerbaijan. Lets check one post from az.eaz news site.

Армянский политик: в Баку проживает 40 тысяч армян

  • No matter how Armenian authorities try to falsify history, no matter what Goebbels agitation tricks they resorted to for a delusional idea to create the image of an enemy in the person of Azerbaijan for Armenians , their efforts will never succeed. They will never succeed  because a number of such facts will arise on their way, for example, the Armenian church intact and safe in the center of Baku, which I had the good fortune to contemplate, or officially living in Azerbaijan 40.000 Armenians, well-groomed Armenian shrines in different regions of your country , TV programs and newspapers existing on Armenian language in Azerbaijan , documentaries films by Azerbaijani journalists dedicated to Frunzik Mkrtchyan, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Arno Babadzhanyan, and in the end, almost a century-old history of selflessness friendship of our nations, which, to a deep regret, was cut off in a barbaric way a quarter of a century ago.

From me personally

Stop this bullshit! You have completely screwed up. Shrines, churches !? Where are they!? Do you dare try to show the photos of Armenian graves, or rather, what was left of them, at the “Volchie Vororota”‘s cemetery? I, living in Baku, saw these ruined tombs, completely destroyed almost to the ground!

Such articles will make you look worse.

And here are a little more information how Azerbaijan does not care about the graves of non-Azeris. (Use google translator to read articles you do not speak russian)

В Баку проложили дорогу из христианских могильных плит

Дорогу в Баку выложили могильными плитами

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