Teach us to love!

I always say that it is impossible to live in Azerbaijan for armenian people. The more the government will press the situation with propaganda, the worse will be the situation. Very interesting interview with Vugar Seidov from which I was very pleased with one particular paragraph.

Вугар Сеидов: «У Армении было 23 года времени»


Well, lets assume,  Azerbaijani border guards return to state border. But after all, hundreds of thousands of ethnic Armenians will remain behind their backs, for whose security Armenia pledged to respond. How can Armenia agree to this? What are the guarantees of their safety and rights?

History has not yet come up with a better guarantee than a deterrent institution. Let the Azerbaijanis return to Armenia, settle them in the villages, where until recently they have been compactly residing for many centuries-in Zangezur, Eastern Goych, Vedibasar Valley. The compatriots entrusted to Azerbaijan, returning to the homes of their ancestors, will be the best guarantee of the security of Armenians in the Azerbaijani Garabagh.

The fact that the border must be restored is a priori. There can not be any preconditions. This cannot be even discussed. As for the guarantees of the security of ethnic Armenians within the borders of the Azerbaijani state – that is, in Karabakh, – we assume, monoethnic Armenia has a “rich” experience of tolerant attitude towards national minorities and multiculturalism, and it could “share” this experience with Azerbaijan. Let them show how to treat the national minorities by the example of the Azerbaijani population repatriated to Armenia. And we will try to be diligent pupils, to adopt this “experience” and treat our Armenians as anxiously as Armenia – to our Azerbaijanis.

Don’t you get it? It is impossible.

That is, as usual, there are no guarantees. If so, then what kind of return of Karabakh under the “wing” of Baku can we talk about? No normal thinking Armenian of Karabakh, will ever want to live in a country where Armenians are hated by everyone, both old and young. In a country where propaganda is put at a high level and false information is pouring from TV screens and news sites.

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