Azerbaijan confirmed military intentions

It is clear to everyone that Baku wants to seize Karabakh by military means. Purchase of weapons, propaganda in the news of the alleged “great” victory of 2016, military training. Baku hopes that Turkey will help them.

Armenia and its patrons received a serious intimation from Azerbaijan writes ,

  • The expert also stated that these maneuvers represent a serious hint for Armenia and its patrons about the increased strength of the Azerbaijani army.

While the military exercises of Azerbaijan were conducted, the propaganda “shouted” that the Armenians are in panic! And why the Armenians were so scared? It is our military exercises and they do not concern you!

First, well, Armenians were not frightened and did not fall in hysterics. Only idiotic news sites of the Aliyev Sultanate are hysterically screaming. And secondly, Armenians do concerned. It’s a little different. And as it turned out not without reason!

  • According to J.Aydemirova, the maneuvers caused concern in Armenia, especially since they were conceived as a rehearsal for the liberation of the occupied territories: “For the maneuvers a terrain similar to the nature of the terrain in Nagorno-Karabakh has been selected.” “Possible offensive operations on the Karabakh front are being worked out on maneuvers.”

So the exercises are preparation for another attempt? And Baku hopes for Turkey’s support? Like little kids! Turkey will not get into a conflict because it does not want to play on Russia’s nerves. So it will be like with Georgia, which was forced to start a fight, and help did not come. Maybe official Baku understands this, but because of its narrow-mindedness does not want to admit it.

The last year battles just showed what kind of soldiers are now flaunting in the exercises. Praised “blitzkrig” choked quite fast, the military “machine” got punched to the nose. Once again exposing the illiteracy of the military administration of Baku. Any attempt to invade Karabakh by Azeri troopers will lead to terrible consequences and huge losses on both sides. And after such decision, the fate of Karabakh will lays in Kabarakh people only, not a single country will help Azerbaijan anymore.

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