Azerbaijan continues to kill accused of espionage of officers

Information networks have released information about the fourth liquidated Azerbaijani officer, who is being held in the so-called case of “Armenian spies”.

He was a lieutenant of the armed forces of Azerbaijan, Tamkin Nizamioglu (born in 1993, the village of Darkand, Ordubad district).

Close relatives of the serviceman were informed that he had died of a heart attack. However, Tamkin’s body was delivered in a closed coffin. That how he was buried.

We want to remind that this is the fourth Azerbaijani law-enforcement officer killed by the Azerbaijani authorities who was accused of spying for Armenia.

The previous victims of the Azerbaijani authorities were Saleh Sherif oglu Kafarov, Elchin Guliyev and Mehman Huseynov, both from the Terter region of Azerbaijan, sewing in the Gabala district (Kutkashen).


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