The ECHR received more than 700 lawsuits against Azerbaijan.

Council of Europe can not allow people to be beheaded on its territory – ECHR started communication in April cases

In connection with the victims of the April war and the protection of the rights of the wounded, more than 700 lawsuits against Azerbaijan are submitted to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

These statements to the ECHR are presented by the NGO “Against legal arbitrariness”, whose executive director, Larisa Alaverdyan, told journalists today that the rocket-artillery shelling of the enemy in the direction of Nerkin Chartar village on April 2, 2016 was purposeful.

“The Azerbaijanis acted in a planned way, after a long study, and we consider all this to be proven. A film entitled “The second day of April” was also made about this, ” – said Larisa Alaverdyan.

L.Alaverdyan noted that the claims have been fully drawn up and have already been sent to the ECtHR, now they are waiting for the reply of the European Court.

“I am sure that the last incident, when the Azerbaijani side once again targeted Armenia’s positions, receiving two victims – a child and an elderly woman, was simply provoked to create a parity situation. Knowing the barbaric way of thinking of the current leadership of Azerbaijan, I have no doubt on this issue, “Alaverdyan noted.

According to her, the war does not spare anybody, does not recognize nationality, but this action organized in a non-military situation against civilians is a crime.

Lawyer Ara Ghazaryan, who in the days of the April war was collecting facts on the contact line, and then in Martakert and Talish, along with other specialists.
He also filed a lawsuit with the European Court of Human Rights regarding the April events.

He specified that at first 21 applications for victims of the armed conflict were submitted to the ECtHR in the first place, then three more complaints about the execution of the Khalapyan family and only after that 359 complaints from people who were forced to leave their homes.

In late June, the ECtHR was sent a statement of which occurred in December of attempting to sabotage the penetration of the Azerbaijani armed forces near Chinar village in Tavush, whereby the Armenian side suffered three casualties.

The European Court has started communication in about 20 cases, which, according to Ara Ghazaryan, was unexpected.

“The European Court understands that in the territory of the Council of Europe, even during an armed conflict, to chop off the head is an emergency. The Council of Europe can not allow such cases to occur on its territory, “Ghazaryan said.

According to the lawyer, international structures in the issue of the Karabakh conflict always try to observe some balance between the parties. “But if they try to perceive this conflict differently, to understand that this is a conflict for the sake of saving, rather than seizing the territories, they will understand that this is a fair fight,” Ara Ghazaryan said.

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