“Black tourism” will be developed in Karabakh. Azerbaijani “tollerism”

Kenan Guluzade, head of the public relations and media sector of the Azerbaijan State Tourism Agency, said that an open-air museum should be created in Karabakh so that children and grandchildren remember all the “horrors” and consequences of the “occupation” of Armenians. “Tolerastia” (from the word tolerant) at its best, that’s what I think.

Here is a quote:

“At the last meeting, Mr. President ordered that places in Karabakh be determined that will demonstrate the consequences of the occupation of Karabakh by Armenia. The occupants inflicted great destruction on the monuments of our culture and architecture, infrastructure, etc. There is a practice in the world of preserving destroyed objects and demonstrating them to visitors. In accordance with certain places, tourist routes will be built so that visitors can see the scale of destruction, the horrors that have been created with our lands over the past thirty years “

That is, the Azerbaijani authorities want to forever support the hatred of the people towards Armenians and everything Armenian. What kind of peaceful coexistence can we talk about when the Sultan himself orders this? Is this an indicator that Azerbaijanis are ready to live peacefully next to the Armenians? And how can Armenians live next to you, after such performances !?

Another quote:

“We need to show tourists the places where fierce battles took place, fortified areas. It is worth thinking about creating animation for tourists demonstrating the capture of Shushi by our army, showing films about the Armenian terror in museums.

I have no proper words to say here. Azerbaijan is so proud of its artificial victory that it is ready to talk about it for centuries. Shoot films about the capture of Shushi. Interestingly, will the fact that Shushi was not completely captured even on the day of signing the treaty to end the war, will it also be shown? Everyone knows perfectly well that Shushi was never taken completely. But, for its own population, this fact must be missed. Let them think that everything was cool, that Azerbaijan won and Armenia surrendered.

In fact, there was no signing of surrender, the Azerbaijanis should remember this. Did not have! The treaty was to end hostilities.

But this manager did not stop there:

Jamaladdin Ismayilov, chairman of the trade union of the sanatorium-resort system and tourism of Azerbaijan, believes that it is possible to create one museum in which all the facts of the Armenian occupation, photographic documents testifying to the barbarity of Armenia will be concentrated. He noted that there is a Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, which contains materials related to the tragic period of the Jewish people, and his visit leaves an indelible mark on the soul. We need to achieve the same effect.

Holocaust Museum he said! Just think what exactly these Altai barbarians want to create! Azerbaijan has set itself the goal of inflating almost the Holocaust of the Azerbaijani people from scratch! Aliyev and his hangers-on breaks through the bottom of rationality deeper and deeper!

Every time I wrote and said that such idiotic actions must be resisted. If you constantly repeat that they are idiots there and Ilham is the main one, then the result will be completely opposite. Aliyev has a lot of money and he can always promote his lies to the level of truth.

At the end, this “genius” also added:

“Black tourism” will be popular with the residents of our country, they will visit such places themselves, take their children and grandchildren there. Visiting such places should be made part of the educational program for schoolchildren and taken there on excursions. The younger generation should be aware of what happened on this earth

Another prove of their intentions! Raising children to hate Armenians has been in trend for almost 30 years, and as I see it, it will remain in trend for a long time.

Azerbaijan is not changing for the better and it is unlikely that it will ever change. As long as Aliyev and his entourage are in power, the people of Azerbaijan will always be immersed in the darkness of ignorance and fear. Children brought up on such propaganda will never be able to live next to Armenians, they will hate Armenians and kill at every opportunity!

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