Azerbaijani vandals destroyed Armenian khachkar in Hadrut

The Azerbaijani military continues to demonstratively desecrate Armenian monuments in the occupied territories. In the village of Arakel, Gadrud region, vandals demolished an Armenian khachkar and, of course, proudly filmed their crimes on camera.

I would like to remind you that Christianity is recognized in Islam as the religion of the scriptures, and Jesus is revered as one of the main prophets of God. By desecrating Christian churches and shrines, the Azerbaijani barbarians prove that nothing is sacred to them.

Azerbaijani vandals destroyed Armenian khachkar in Hadrut

Aliyev says at every opportunity that the conflict is over. And that everything is good and that everything is being done to integrate with the Armenians, but at the same time continues to humiliate both Armenia and all Armenians. Jackalier around him, following this example, continues to show his true face.

What kind of life together with Azerbaijanis can we talk about if this happens every day? Do the residents of the Aliyev Sultanate really think that the Armenians want to live next to such barbarians? I don’t think this is possible.

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