How Azerbaijanis destroyed the Russian Cathedral in Baku

Azerbaijan’s desire to erase the history of other peoples on its lands has manifested itself not only in the last 30 years. This phenomenon appeared much earlier.

In 1936, the Azerbaijani Bolsheviks destroyed the grandiose Alexander-Nevsky Cathedral, which was the largest in the entire Transcaucasia. Now on his meta is the Bulbul Music School.

It would seem why I started writing about almost a hundred year history? And to the fact that now in Azerbaijan the movement for the alabnization of all Armenian churches is gaining momentum in full force. And also unfounded accusations of Armenians that they destroyed all mosques and Russian churches. As an example, they cite the church, which was also destroyed in the 30s of the last century. As they write in Azerbaijan, it was the Armenians who destroyed the church, not the Bolsheviks and the Soviet regime, but the Armenians! Well, in that case, the Azerbaijanis destroyed the Russian churches on their territory in the same way!

And some statistics!

In Gandzak (Ganja), out of six Armenian churches, two were completely demolished, one was converted into a club, two into a museum and a philharmonic society. As a result of the so-called “restoration” work, traces of Armenian architecture and inscriptions in Armenian were completely destroyed.

Currently, the Shahumyan region of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic occupied by the Azerbaijani army: the Mandur church and the cemetery near the village of Kharhaput (1252) are completely destroyed; the church near the village of Russkiye Borisy (XII-XIII centuries) – destroyed to the ground; the church in the village of Verinshen (17th century) – destroyed to the ground.

Reading the comments of regular people, drugged by Aliyev’s propaganda, you are surprised that they have not yet accused the Armenians of crucifying Christ! Isn’t there not a single slightest thinking person left in Azerbaijan? I can’t believe the weight of the people has gone crazy and continues to roll downhill! Aliyev certainly knows how to crush his own people, but the stupidity of this very population will not lead to anything good!

As I wrote in one of my articles, the war is stopped, the cultural genocide has begun! , the cultural genocide by Azerbaijan is gaining momentum! With the direct permission of Sultan Ilham “Damir Barmag” Aliyev, all reminders of the Armenians will be completely destroyed in the occupied territories. All churches and temples are being remodeled. Huge amounts of money are spent on bribing the press in other countries to justify their behavior.

And the sultan himself continues to ride through the temporarily occupied territories, constantly indignant at the Armenian inscriptions on churches and directly calls to erase, as he says, “fake” inscriptions. When the head of state, even Azerbaijan, descends to the level of a medieval barbarian, whose eyes burn red if he sees Armenian texts, then what can we say about ordinary settlers of Azerbaijan? Their hands are untied and they do whatever they want.

I would like to ask, where is UNESCO! ??? And then you remember who this very UNESCO has chosen as a goodwill ambassador and you understand that UNESCO itself has long been mired in corruption and no one from that side will help the Armenians, since they sit well with their buts on Baku’s petrodollars.

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