Dissidents do not let dictator Aliyev to live happily

The life of a simple Azerbaijani dictator Ilham Aliyev is hard. It was a difficult year, taxes, disasters, prostitution, banditry and a shortage in the army. Dissidents and oppositionists do not allow the country to be plundered easily!

The practice of persecuting dissent in Azerbaijan has been going on for a long time. Anyone who disagrees with the decisions of the government is persecuted by law enforcement agencies at home and by bandits abroad.

Mohammed Mirzali, an oppositionist, blogger and opponent of the Aliyev government, who lives in France, has repeatedly received life threats and was a subject to actual attacks. Azerbaijani officials are suing Mohammed under various pretexts. I got the impression that Mohammed became a personal enemy of Sultan Ilham himself.

And after Muhammad was supported by Armenians around the world, he became the personal enemy of every Azerbaijani, for whom Aliyev is an indisputable idol and savior of the nation.

Today, Mohammed posted on Twitter a photo of three documents, according to which he was summoned to court. Prosecutors Anal Alizade, Rovnag Abdullayev and Adnan Akhmedzade. It makes no sense to pay attention to the reason for filing a lawsuit. All that the Aliyev government is trying to do now is to silence Muhammad by any means. For this, all means are good. There have already been assassination attempts and, thank God, unsuccessful, which means that now they will supposedly act according to the law.

I don’t know how far Aliyev can sink in his attempts to destroy any resistance of his opponents, but the fact that Azerbaijan is trying to play its dirty game in other countries is a wake-up call, although no, this is no longer a call, but a chime bells! But the European Union strangely ignores this fact. It is understandable, dependence on oil and gas may well outweigh justice. But someday it will end. If Europe continues to ignore the behavior of dictator Aliyev, then tragedy cannot be avoided!

If the people of Azerbaijan want to live in peace, then they must rise up and remove Aliyev by any means necessary! And I am saying this not as an Armenian, but as a (still) holder of Azerbaijani citizenship. Many people ask who will take Aliyev’s place, we see no alternatives. Firstly, there were alternatives, but it was Ilham Aliyev who destroyed them, and who he could not, he bought.

Secondly, the people are capable of much if they rise up. Silence leads to the fact that no one sees alternatives to Aliyev! There are many smart and intelligent people in Azerbaijan, do you really think that everyone is dumber than Aliyev? It’s hard to believe.

I want to wish Muhammad strength and health. Do not succumb to provocations and continue your work to destroy Aliyev’s power, as well as survive Aliyev himself and return to Azerbaijan, free from the dictator and his pack of jackals. Inshallah!

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