Without emphasizing the fact of Aliyev’s crimes, Yerevan gives him additional reasons to continue terrorist activities

The reason for the inspiration of the Azerbaijani leadership is the passivity of the Armenian leadership. The first Ombudsman of Armenia Larisa Alaverdyan expressed a similar opinion to NovostiNK.

“I am convinced of the need to clarify the position of Armenia on the basis of international treaties, conventions and related protocols in the field of human rights protection. The citizens of Armenia should not hope, but be confident in their protection from the Republic of Armenia. These treaties were joined by both Armenia and Azerbaijan and Artsakh. This is very important, ”she stressed.

According to the human rights activist, the behavior of Azerbaijan, the attitude of this state towards the captives and other citizens of Armenia is a direct and gross violation of the norms of international law. Moreover, official Baku, in her opinion, today opposes its own position and behavior to these norms, which is a cynical crime.

According to the human rights activist, without emphasizing the fact of Baku’s crimes, Yerevan gives Aliyev additional reasons to continue his terrorist activities at the state level. And showing an enviable consistency, Azerbaijan continues to try to sow an atmosphere of fear in the Armenian people, in particular in Artsakh, in order to force them to leave their homeland.

“In this light, I consider it necessary for Artsakh to address the leadership of Armenia as a recognized country, a UN member, with a request to raise the issue of the Azerbaijani terrorist policy towards Artsakh people at the appropriate international platforms. The leadership of Armenia is simply obliged to raise this issue, putting an end to crimes against the Armenian people, ”the human rights activist summed up.

Sargis Terteryan

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