Nantes will host a campaign to notify about the terrorist acts of Azerbaijan in France

France intends to open the eyes of the world community to the true nature of the Azerbaijani regime. Thus, the Azerbaijani dissident, blogger and activist Mirzali Mahammad said on his Facebook page that until October 27, when the Nantes-Karabakh football match is scheduled, posters and billboards will be placed in the city to convey the truth about terrorist acts committed by the Azerbaijani authorities in different cities of France.

“The French, especially the residents of Nantes, must understand who they are dealing with”, Mahammad noted, recalling that on behalf of Ilham Aliyev, they tried to kill him three times in Nantes, and these plots were financed“ terrorist organization SOCAR.

Last time, a group of Azerbaijani terrorists tried to cut off the head of an oppositionist in the center of Nantes. In June of this year, two people were arrested by the police while planning an assassination attempt on Mahammad.

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