Arman Tatoyan: In this situation, we must not allow ourselves to be lulled by false peacekeeping

Former Human Rights Defender (ex-Ombudsman) of Armenia Arman Tatoyan wrote on his Facebook page:

“We are collecting and fixing evidence of Azerbaijani war crimes, torture and murder of RA servicemen, including video and photo materials. Translation from Azerbaijani into Armenian, Russian and English is being carried out, consolidation and analysis are being carried out.

Research proves that Azerbaijani military personnel act on the same principle as during the April 2016 war, the 2020 44-day war. They act with particular cruelty, cynically, confident that they will not only not be punished, but will be praised by their leaders.

For example, in one of the video materials, a murdered Armenian female soldier was subjected to ill-treatment.

The name of the Azerbaijani special service was written on the body of the same serviceman: “YAŞMA” or “YASHMA”. That is, the crimes that they committed.
The same video in Azerbaijani says that they killed 2 more female soldiers and show the body of one of them in the nude. We do not provide details of this and other crimes here, they will be presented to the relevant international structures.

The Azerbaijani armed forces specifically filmed these atrocities and published them in such a way that they would be distributed on Armenian social networks in order to intimidate people.

The purpose of securing evidence that justifies Azerbaijan’s war crimes is to provide real grounds for criminal prosecution and punishment by the Azerbaijani authorities.

Evidence of damage to the civilian population is also collected and recorded.
Quite clear:

These atrocities are not separate crimes, but the consequences of a unified state policy of Armenophobia and hatred towards the Armenians of the Azerbaijani authorities. These are links in a single chain. Azerbaijani servicemen even use the same expressions as the Azerbaijani leadership. This policy not only did not stop, but deepened, reaching outright fascism. And all this is encouraged by absolute impunity for these criminal acts.

In this situation, we must not allow ourselves to be petrified by false pacifism.

This serves the interests of Azerbaijan and helps them cover up their insidious intentions with a veil of “peace”.

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